Saturday, November 21, 2015

My First Debut as a Drummer

You would never believe that I was able to learn to play the drums within a week. It wasn't a fancy rhythm, but I managed to play well.

Over the past few months, Mami and Aunty Madeleine (our Head of Children Ministry in church) were preparing the young children ages 6 and below to present a song in church. As expected, Benjamin Kor Kor was their pianist. Just two weeks before the presentation, a guitarist came forward to participate in the presentation. I was suppose to be handling the powerpoint slides for the presentation. However, just a week before the presentation, another child wanted to handle the powerpoint slides. I handed over the task and went to the drums instead. Mami called our church drummer to immediately teach me a few beats on the drums, and there I was already blending well with the rest.

I was very proud for being able to learn it within minutes. I felt great playing the drums. I hope to be able to play the drums in the future. I am not sure if Mami would send me for any drum lessons though.

Me on the drums.

Benjamin Kor Kor on the keyboard

Monday, November 2, 2015

Little Moussie During Supper Time

Shaun Shaun has a habit of eating supper. Shaun Shaun loves to eat, love to snack all the time. Perhaps that is why Mami says Shaun Shaun is very chubby.

Shaun Shaun recently acquired an interest of frying eggs. Shaun Shaun can fry eggs quite well now. Practice makes perfect.

Shaun Shaun prepared my own supper recently. Shaun Shaun is very proud of my supper. Come and see my photos.

Yummy yummy

Monday, September 14, 2015

40 days Prayer and Fasting by NECF

We received the 40-days Prayer and Fasting Children's edition from church. Mami encouraged us to participate in the 40 days prayer and fasting for the love of our nation.

We have been going through this book. Everyday, we would pray for a particular Ministry or State in Malaysia. Generally, it is to pray for our country, Malaysia. We also took up the challenge to fast. Ben Ben Kor Kor and I did not agree to fast our meals. Food is just too important for us. We cannot sacrifice our food. However, after much negotiation, we agreed to fast supper. We are not allowed to eat after 8:15 p.m. at night during the 40 days period. We also agreed to fast IPAD. No playing games or internet. We only use the IPAD if we need to do research for school purposes.

Today is 15th September. Yeay!!! Am so happy. My fasting will be over soon. It has been so difficult for me to fast. Takes lots of discipline from me.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Do You Know The Roti Man

Have you seen a man riding a motorcycle, carrying lots of different types of bread and junk food, honking around your neighbourhood?

I saw a few times, along my Ah Ku's house few weeks ago. I saw my cousins, Ashley Cheh Cheh and Tobin Kor Kor coming out from their house, buying bread and snacks. When I pointed them out, my Ah Mah told me it was the Roti Man and Ah Ku and Mami used to buy bread in a similar way.

I longed for the Roti Man to come to the road where my house was. I hoped for it, and I was delighted to hear the honking sound by the Roti Man last week. I immediately ran to the entrance and wanted to experience the trill of buying bread in such a way.

I am so glad I am able to experience what Dadi and Mami experienced when they were younger. Sometimes, they tell me stories of their childhood, which I could only hear but could not imagine.

So friends, do open your hears to the honking sound around your neighbourhood. Who knows... you may be surprised to see the Roti Man just riding along your lane.

With my neighbour, Victoria Cheh Cheh

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My Little Pony

You would not believe this, but my favourite cartoon is My Little Pony.

I recently discovered a new channel in HYPPTV channel 555 - Boomerang. I love this channel. It has a number of good cartoons like Mr Bean, Tom & Jerry, Inspector Gadget and my favourite... My Little Pony. Mami kept saying that My Little Pony is a girl's cartoon but it doesn't matter to me. I still enjoy the cartoon very much. My favourite as at today. Try watching it and you would agree with me.

Monday, August 3, 2015

A Passion for Cooking

I have interest in going to the kitchen once in a while, and request for Ah Mah to teach me how to cook. I am not good in it, but at least I have the interest to try.So far, I am quite good in frying eggs. My recent attempt was to fry broccoli.

Ah Mah is really pleased with me. She loves cooking, and she loves to see me come into the kitchen to volunteer to cook.

VeggieTales Devotion for Kids

One day, I requested to go to the bookstore in Gardens. We went to Borders. I had no book to buy in mind, but somehow I saw this book which caught my attention.

I took this book and brought it to Mami. I told her that I wanted to read this book. Mami took the book and showed to Dadi. They then agreed that they will use this as our daily devotion time before bedtime. We bought it.

We have started this devotion book, and Kor Kor and I enjoyed it. It is easy to understand, very practical and easy for me to read on my own too.

Uniqlo Star Wars TShirts

This is a long overdue post but I would want to record this here.

During the last school holiday, my Ah Mah followed Ah Ku's family for a holiday to Taiwan. Ah Ku and Ah Kim bought us two Star Wars Tshirts from Uniqlo Taiwan each for Kor Kor and I. I was happy because I am a fan of Star Wars. It was later that Mami realised that Uniqlo sold the Tshirts here too, but the sizes ran out really quickly.

Here is a picture of us wearing Star Wars TShirts. Tobin Kor Kor's Tshirt was also from Uniqlo Taiwan.

Do forgive our "old fashioned" hairstyles. Our hair were still wet, and
Mami loves to comb our hair like that because
it reminds her of our late Ah Kong.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Random Picture

I just want to share a random picture. Mami likes this photo of Kor Kor and I in our pyjamas. We were taking turns to play FIFA Football game on the Ipad. So, while waiting for my turn, I sat on my Kor Kor... so excited to see the football match. I must have been very light, because there was no complains from Ben Ben Kor Kor.

Holiday in Hard Rock Penang

We had a 3 days 2 nights holiday in Penang. We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel. It was one of the best hotel for me. I enjoyed it very much because of the pool slides.

I love swimming in the pool because it had multiple pools. There was a pool with 3 slides, a sand pool and a deeper end pool. I particularly loved the pool slides. It was fun. Though it was during the school holidays, it was not overly crowded, and there was hardly any queue to the slides.

We went to the beach. It was clean. We enjoyed the rides at the beach. We had the viper and banana boat ride. It was costly, but it was great fun. I was shocked to see Ben Ben Kor Kor's reaction. He was not very brave. I sat in front for both rides because Kor Kor was fearful that he would fall off the boat.

We spent a good amount of time in the Hard Rock Teens Club. It had Billiard tables, Futsal table, PSP and a Mini Theatre. I loved to play billiards and watch movies in the mini theatre. Would you believe that I won a billiard tournament against Ben Ben Kor Kor? Here is my evidence.

The food was ok, but very costly. Breakfast was provided and the selection was good enough for me. I ate nasi lemak (plain without sambal) and roti canai (with dhal) the most. I took pancakes too. I did not fancy the sausages, ham and hash brown. They were not really my favourite.

It was a good holiday for me. Kor Kor and I enjoyed ourselves.

Frying An Egg

At what age did you learn to fry an egg?

As for me, I am 7 years old and Mami has taught me how to fry an egg. This is the result of my first attempt. I must say, I was way better than my Ben Ben Kor Kor. I was really proud of my achievement.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Swimming is My Favourite Sport

I love swimming. I don't particularly enjoy swimming lessons, as I prefer jumping into the pool and playing in the water. Playing water is so much fun. Of course, it would be best to play in the pool with friends.

Unlike my Kor Kor who goes multiple times a week to the swimming pool for his training, I only have my swim lessons once a week. I have individual coaching under a great and fun coach. Mami was advised to transfer me from my individual lesson to the intermediate group lessons during the weekends. This would mean that I would have to swim longer hours, twice a week. I don't think I am up to the challenge yet. Perhaps later I will consider. Oops... I know it is up to Mami to consider, but I am sure she feels the same way too :)

Monday, March 16, 2015

1st Day of the Holiday

I consider today the first day of my school holiday. I always feel that Monday is the start of the week. So, it feels like it today.

My holiday was a little boring. As usual, Mami expects Kor Kor and I to do some revision. She would always repeat herself by saying that school holidays are the best time to do revision. It is difficult to revise during school days. I agree with her because I would always complain if Mami tries to do revision with me during school days.

So, as expected, I had some workbooks to do. After awhile, I got distracted.

I know my head should not be down,
but this was after one hour of revision.
Distracted by a Lego Ninjago brochure

After revision, I went downstairs to watch a bible movie.

In the afternoon, Mami wanted to do some music theory revision with me, but to no avail :). I had to attend my regular Kumon class at Kumon centre. Was there for an hour. 

After Kumon, Mami made me happy by bringing me to the swimming pool to have an hour swim. It was so fun and refreshing. Of course I did not swim all the time. I played in the pool most of the time.

After dinner, I had to practice my music. Today, Ben Ben Kor Kor helped me with a new song. 

So, that was roughly how my first day of school holiday went by. Boring huh?

Lego Swamp Police - Box Of Bricks Midvalley

There is this new shop in Midvalley called Box Of Bricks. They are located at 3rd Floor. They are having a Lego exhibition with the theme Swamp Police - Catch the Crooks in the Wild. The exhibition is at Ground Floor, Mid Valley Centre Court from 11th to 22nd March 2015 from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

We went as a family to see the legos offered, thinking of buying a Lego Technic present for my cousin Tobin. There were quite a good variety of series offered. A few had some discounts. However, most of the lego sets there were tagged as normal priced items. Nevertheless, there was a good teaser for lego purchases which caught Kor Kor's and my attention. With every purchase of RM100 and above, we are able to enter a mission game and we will be entitled to get a free minifigure series 12. There were also other promotions whereby some bigger sets purchased entitles you for a free lego. However, these are very limited. Quite a number of sets were sold out.

There are 3 steps to the Mission Game. 
1) You will be given a small container with lego bricks. Bring the container to the table provided and you will see a laminated document with the instructions to build a lego police car. You just have to build the police car as per the instructions.

2) Once you have build the police car, bring it to a station that has two tracks. It looked like a maze. Run your police car through the maze which leads you to the crooks.

3) Identify the crooks in the Mission Booklet provided to you by circling the crooks.

Once you finished the Mission Game, the police car is all yours.... Yeay!!! Not only that. You will also receive a poster and a cerfiticate of completion. Isn't that great?

It was a great experience for me and Ben Ben Kor Kor. We had lots of fun. If you want to participate, be sure to have your receipt of your purchases at all times. They require your receipt. So, if you are free, do drop by and believe me, it is worth it because you get a free lego police car, and don't forget to redeem your mini figure series 12 using the same receipt at Box of Bricks shop in Midvalley.

My free mini figure..... a little pink piggy

Monday, March 9, 2015

English Week 2015

This is probably my happiest post for the year. I am happy because this is a good achievement to me, though it may seem little to some.

My school organised an English Week last week. There were several activities for us to participate. I won 4 prizes from English Week.

There were 7 students in the class chosen to recite the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Dadi and Mami came to know about this on the eve of Chinese New Year. So, Dadi googled and did some homework. Dadi helped me with the storyline of Little Red Riding Hood, with a good twist of the story. The story was where Little Red was a wolf karate expert who could fight the wolf. The wolf ate Little Red's grandma and Little Red performed her wolf karate moves and the wolf vomited grandma out. From the 7 students, 3 were selected to enter the interclass story telling competition for English Week last week. I had two prizes from story telling, 1st prize within my class and 2nd prize for interclass competition.

Next, we had boggle competition within the class. We worked in a group of 4, but one of my group member was absent. So, there were only 3 of us and we won 1st prize for boggle competition. Thanks to Dadi and Mami who downloaded the boggle game into their handphones and I practiced playing boggle during the Chinese New Year holidays.

Finally we had a spelling competition. However, the spelling words were given earlier to us to go through before hand. I had all 30 words spelt out correctly, and won 1st prize for spelling too.

I was so happy to be able to come back with all my prizes, comprises mainly stationeries. It wasn't the prizes which I was happy about. It was the feeling of being recognized for my hard work.


To side track, last week I cried before bed because I thought I did poorly in my maths assessment. I found the questions tricky and difficult and I just received my paper yesterday. I was so happy to receive full marks for the paper. Yesterday was a double blessings for me.

God was certainly gracious with His favour upon me. Thank you God.

You can check out my Kor Kor's blog to read about his English Week too. He won two prizes.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Another Birthday Celebration - Ah Mah

Ah Mah's birthday falls on 4th March and she turned 65 years old. Oops!! Am I allowed to share her age here?

Ah Ku arranged for a Birthday dinner cum Chinese New Year dinner at a Japanese restaurant serving Japanese buffet. The restaurant was called Fukuden at Jalan Delima. The restaurant is opposite another Japanese restaurant across the street called Fukuya. We initially wanted to go there, but it was all fully booked. Both Fukuden and Fukuya are from the same group of companies. Nevertheless, Fukuden was a great place, serving good food. Mami loves the Salmon Sashimi the most. Dadi enjoyed the Beef Skewers. Being a child, I loved the ice cream the most. Super creamy.

I made a Birthday Card for her. It was a unique card as I made it in a form of an Activity Card. However, knowing Ah Mah's character, I knew she wouldn't participate in the activities written in her card. So, I guess it was in vain :(

There was another page of the card but Mami did not take a photo of that page.

Well, Happy Birthday Ah Mah. May God continue to bless you with good health... and stay young and beautiful.  

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Mami Loves Me, This I Know

This is a photo of my proud Mami, who loves Ben Ben Kor Kor and I. She constantly tells us that she is very proud of us, as we are handsome, smart and talented in music. She also constantly reminds us that it was God who has blessed us with these gifts and talents. We must use our talents for God. Sometimes, she will remind us of the bible story where talents not used, will be taken away from us. This is why Mami has encouraged Ben Ben Kor Kor to serve in his school worship team with his musical talent. She prays that I will do the same in the future too.

Side track a little, this is my Ah Mah. She loves us very much too. She is the one busy feeding us day and night. Her cooking is yummy! If only Mami could cook as well as her. 

7th Birthday Celebration

We did not do a big celebration for my birthday. We kept it simple and sweet.

My birthday happened to fall on the Chinese New Year period. We had a small gathering with 8 friends in my house, a day before my birthday. It was still a school holiday. We did not inform my friends that it was my birthday. We invited them for a playdate. However, most of them must have guessed and generously gave me presents. They even brought cakes for desserts. We played some toys and danced with X-box Kinect. I realised that some of my friends can really dance well. We ended up drawing as well. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed drawing more than anything else.

On my actual birthday, Mami bought a few slices of cake for our family to sing a birthday song for me at home. I really loved the cake. The slice of cake I chose was a mocha sponge cake. Yummy!!

Mami can't believe I am already 7 years old. Her desires is for my to grow to know Jesus, love Jesus and serve Jesus all the days of my life. Amen!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Eye Level Literature Award 2014

I was selected by my school to participate in the Eye Level Literature Award last year. We had to write a short essay with an illustration about what I wanted to be when I grew up. As always, my answer would be to be a Superhero. I want to save the day!

I did not win any price, but was given a nice award for participating. I was so happy to have received it.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Claris Yamaha Junior Original Concert Performance

My Kor Kor and I participated in the Claris selection for Yamaha Junior Original Concert at Yamaha Kelana Jaya last week. There were 64 participants from Claris. It was a good experience for me, as it was the first time for me performing in such a big audience.

Yamaha Junior Original Concert is an avenue for children below 15 years old to express their original composition. We learn composition through our Yamaha programme. We learn to express our emotions and ideas through songs.

I am so grateful to my Yamaha teacher for giving me this opportunity. I practised hard since last October to be able to play well.

My teacher and partner

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sweet 2015

This is my first post of the year. I had a great holiday last month. My Kor Kor had blogged earlier about our holiday trip in Japan. It was also the best holiday that I have had so far. I loved Disneyland the most. I was not afraid of any of the rides. Instead of shouting "Ahhhhh" during the scary rides, I screamed "Yehhhh". Mami and Ah Mah were very surprised and proud that I could walk so much throughout the trip. I even had to help pull a small cabin size luggage through the subway stations, up and down some stairways.

I pray that 2015 will be a sweet year for all of us. I pray that we will create sweet memories together, enjoying every family member, relatives, friends and everyone around me. Have a sweet year ahead!