Monday, June 15, 2015

Random Picture

I just want to share a random picture. Mami likes this photo of Kor Kor and I in our pyjamas. We were taking turns to play FIFA Football game on the Ipad. So, while waiting for my turn, I sat on my Kor Kor... so excited to see the football match. I must have been very light, because there was no complains from Ben Ben Kor Kor.

Holiday in Hard Rock Penang

We had a 3 days 2 nights holiday in Penang. We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel. It was one of the best hotel for me. I enjoyed it very much because of the pool slides.

I love swimming in the pool because it had multiple pools. There was a pool with 3 slides, a sand pool and a deeper end pool. I particularly loved the pool slides. It was fun. Though it was during the school holidays, it was not overly crowded, and there was hardly any queue to the slides.

We went to the beach. It was clean. We enjoyed the rides at the beach. We had the viper and banana boat ride. It was costly, but it was great fun. I was shocked to see Ben Ben Kor Kor's reaction. He was not very brave. I sat in front for both rides because Kor Kor was fearful that he would fall off the boat.

We spent a good amount of time in the Hard Rock Teens Club. It had Billiard tables, Futsal table, PSP and a Mini Theatre. I loved to play billiards and watch movies in the mini theatre. Would you believe that I won a billiard tournament against Ben Ben Kor Kor? Here is my evidence.

The food was ok, but very costly. Breakfast was provided and the selection was good enough for me. I ate nasi lemak (plain without sambal) and roti canai (with dhal) the most. I took pancakes too. I did not fancy the sausages, ham and hash brown. They were not really my favourite.

It was a good holiday for me. Kor Kor and I enjoyed ourselves.

Frying An Egg

At what age did you learn to fry an egg?

As for me, I am 7 years old and Mami has taught me how to fry an egg. This is the result of my first attempt. I must say, I was way better than my Ben Ben Kor Kor. I was really proud of my achievement.