Friday, November 28, 2008

Me Big Big Already... 9 months old

Mami said she couldn't believe that I'm already 9 months old. How did time fly so fast? Mami is still treating me like a little baby, cuddling me on my back, hoping that I would sleep still in her arms. Mami...... I'm a big boy already.

I don't like being carried like a baby. I would want to be carried upwards. I don't like to play with baby toys. I would want to play with Koko's Thomas & Friends wooden train and wooden train tracks. I would love to take his wooden bridge, but Koko would always scold me and snatch the bridge away. I just cannot understand what is wrong holding the bridge? It's not that i am going to destroy it??

I've learnt how to crawl. Mami is so afraid of me crawling towards the door after waking up from my sleep. Last time, I would cry out loud when I woke up. Now... I'm different. I would silently wake up and crawl around the room to look for anyone. Otherwise, I'll head towards the door. Mami is thinking twice to put me sleep in the baby cot, but I don't like it.... I want to toss and turn during my sleep. Sleeping on the mattress on the floor is best.

Hhm... I wonder what will I learnt in the next month? All I know is that Mami and Ah Mah have been pressuring me to wave "Bye Bye". Don't understand what that's means....