Thursday, May 19, 2011

I am flying....

Last weekend was very fun. I was so happy. Benjamin Kor Kor celebrated his birthday at Critterland and see me on the flying fox.

I was not the only one flying. My cousin, Tobin Kor Kor also flew. In fact, I was being cautious. I allowed him to fly first before me.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I want to go Music Classes please....

I would cry at home everytime Mami brings Benjamin Kor Kor for Music Class. Why can't I go? Mami keeps saying that I am too young, but I have been practising hard. See....

Mami ~ Poor Shaun. He has been really practising hard for Primary 1, but he is only 3 years old. He plays "Do Re Mi, Mi Re Do" everyday.

Eating Like A Moussie

Mami always say that I eat like a Mouse. I'm borned in the year of the Rat but I'm not a Mouse! I just like to leave a hole in my bread. That's all.

Homework, Homework

I dislike doing homework from school. There is homework everyday. I don't mind doing colouring but I dislike drawing lines and writing ABCs. This is how I look like when I am doing my homework after school at home.

My Pet Dinosaur

This is my pet Dinosaur which I have been taking good care of. It's very special because I painted this Dinosaur myself during my visit to the Dino World.

I need to look at my Dinosaur carefully to ensure that it is not sick.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dino World...

Last week, my kindergarden teachers brought me and my friends to Science Centre to see Dino World. It's great! Wish I can go again...

See me, making a dinosaur ROAR!