Saturday, June 30, 2012

Maths, Maths, Maths

Mami believes that I have to constantly do Maths worksheet to be able to think and count fast.

As expected, Mami bought this Kumon workbook which has simple addition. The worksheets are pretty repetitive. So, I am expected to do these worksheets daily, if not, alternate days. I am not sure if I will survive this because I would whine everytime I see this book.

This was done this morning before going to church. Isn't Sunday a rest day?

Music Theory

Although I am already in JMC2, I am still not very good in reading musical notes. Mami decided to buy  me a Music Theory book to do with me at home. So, Mami is becoming my music teacher too. Why do I have to learn so many things?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Acting like a 4 years old

Mami asked me today how old I was. I answered confidently that I was 4 years old. Mami asked if I was sure and I replied with a loud YES! I knew Mami was up to something. Mami then said that if I was 4 years old, I should behave like one. I have been acting like a baby recently, clinging tightly to Mami. This morning I tried to hold Mami back from sending Kor Kor to school. I kept telling Mami that I would miss her and I did not want her to leave the house. Am I acting like a baby?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hello....Mami, why are you so long?

I had recently learnt how to call Mami on her handphone. I did not memorize her handphone number but used the phonebook feature on the house phone. Since then, I would always call Mami on her handphone everytime she goes out. Mami is a little irritated because I call her 15 minutes after she leaves the house. I would complain and say "Mami, why are you so long"? I am extremely clingly to Mami recently. Mami could not understand why.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Nerf Gun

Every boys favourite.....inclusive of my Dadi.......Nerf Gun

Sharp Hearing Ears

I have got sharp hearing ears. I am very sensitive to sound....especially if Mami tries to escape from me.

I am required to go to bed early everyday. This is because I no longer take afternoon naps. I am expected to sleep before 8 p.m. daily.

My bedroom is facing our house porch. Because of this. I am able to hear the sound of the opening or closing of the house gate. It interest me the most when I hear the sound of the car engine. I would always imagine that Mami has escaped from the house.

When this happens, I would always come out crying from my room, looking for Mami. It is already bad for not being able to sleep with Mami. It would be worst if Mami is not around in the house.

Just a while ago, I came out from my room, calling for Mami. Mami came immediately and said "It wasn't Mami who went out. It was Dadi. Dadi had to drive out to buy bread for Mami". I hugged Mami and went back to bed.

Well, I guess there goes Mami's freedom of going out from the house after 8 p.m.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Trying to tell a joke

Do you enjoy my joke for the day?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Then what.....

I love to use the phrase "then what". Kor kor and I have one thing in common. We dislike to sleep. Everytime when Mami says "Boys, go upstairs now". I would reply "Then what.... Play-ah"? When Mami says "Drink your milk now". I would reply "Mami, drink milk, then what...... Play-ah"?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Dancing brothers

There is nothing impressive about this video.
 Just to remember my Kor Kor who laughs so loudly :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My latest hairstyle

Dadi brought me to the hairdresser last weekend. Dadi and I had a haircut together in the same salon. When we came back, my Mami said "What happened to your hair!!!" Mami told Dadi that I looked like Temenggung Jugah. If you do not know how he looks like, you can google his name.

Dadi and I now look alike

Monday, June 11, 2012

This is me. I am roller blading.

I can roller blade better than this. This video was taken before warming up. 


I was re-introduced to Beyblade by my cousins in Ipoh. My Kor Kor received a set of Beyblades last Christmas from Ah Kim. We hardly played with it, never quite feel it was that fun......until I saw them in action.

Beyblades in action.
My cousins played Beyblade in Ipoh and we had lots of fun. When I came back to KL, I requested to buy new Beyblades.

This is one of the Beyblade which Dadi and Mami bought
Last weekend, there was a warehouse sale by Littak and we bought some cheap Beyblades. A set of 3 Beyblades cost RM40.00.

There are more Beyblades in my collection now.

This is my favourite Beyblade

I did it!

I am proud to say that I can roller blade pretty well now. Even if I fall, I can get up on my own. I no longer require Mami to watch over me.

Last week, there was another roller blading session with Kor Kor's friends. I joined them and I get along with them really well.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Water fun in Ipoh

My family and I went to Ipoh on the first weekend of the school holidays. Coincidently, Mah Mah's church in Ipoh had organised some water fun activities on Sunday morning. It was family fun day, organised by the Children Ministry and Youth.

Kor Kor and I really enjoyed ourselves. There were 6 water obstacles. Every team had to participate in all 6 stations.

Warming up with praise and worship

Picking up marbles using my toes from the icy cold water.
This is one of the most difficult water play because
the water was super duper cold.

Throwing a water balloon behind into the black blanket

This was Kor Kor trying to close up all the holes
on the long water pipe. This is to enable the
water to flow into a bucket.

Sitting on the sponge on the chair to collect water into the basin

Cheerful Shaun Shaun

Scoping orange ping pong balls

This is the station which I did not participate.
This is my Kor Kor, trying to slide through the
soapy mat.

Kor Kor and I were in two different teams. Surprising my team won. Thank God for this opportunity to have water fun. I really enjoyed my time in Ipoh.