Monday, May 21, 2012

My First Sports Day

I had my first Sports Day. It was really fun and all of us came back with medals for participating in the events.

Getting ready for my event

Passing the ball

My team won first for the "Passing the Ball" event

We had to balance ourselves.
If we fall, we had to start again.

This is the Wobbly Bridge.
I fell 3 times from this.

My Kor Kor participated in the 2-legged race.
This is a 6 years old event and because there was someone
absent, my Kor Kor replaced the student.

Kor Kor and his partner won 2nd prize.

My First Roller Blading Experience

I joined my Kor Kor and his friends for roller blading last weekend. It was ok, but I have not mastered the skill yet. I wonder if I can do it the next round.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day card

I made this for my mother in school today.

Can you see the picture of Mami and I?
We love each other very much.

Helping Mami with the Halogen Oven

Benjamin Kor Kor and I were helping Mami to cook chicken in the halogen oven. Actually there is nothing to do. Just put all the ingredients into the big transparent pot, and set the temperature and timer. That's it.

This is Benjamin Kor Kor putting all the chicken into the pot

This is me pouring the onions

Me putting the carrots and potatoes

Looking nice?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Unhappy Mami

Mami was really unhappy with me today and she gave me a piece of her mind.

I have a habit of going to Mami complaining about my Kor Kor for every little thing that I am unhappy with. Worst of all, my story about Kor Kor is not entirely accurate most of the time....or rather all the time. After complaining to Mami, I would wait for Mami to respond with a sentence. Whatever the sentence would be, I would then tell my Kor Kor "Kor Kor. I tell Mami already! Mami said that she will scold you!" Kor Kor doesn't seem to be intimated by my comments.

Today, Mami was taking her bath. I came to Mami, standing outside her bathroom door, in a crying voice, complaining "Mami, Kor Kor pulled my hand". In the shower Mami answered "OK, Shaun. I will ask Kor Kor what had happened". I immediately went to Kor Kor downstairs and shouted "Kor Kor, I tell Mami already! Mami said she will piak piak you!"

Mami came down and asked Kor Kor what had happened. Kor Kor said that I was trying to hit him and Kor Kor took out his hand to block himself as a self defence. He said that he was worried that I would injure him.

Mami asked me if that was the truth. I immediately said "No, but Kor Kor hold my hand". When Mami asked me the second time, I said "But Kor Kor touch my hand". Mami knew that I was trying to escape being blamed.

She scolded me for three reasons. One for lying. Another was for telling Kor Kor that Mami would cane him when she didn't say it. I was scolded for putting words in Mami's mouth. Finally, for shouting at my Kor Kor. I am not allowed to scold or shout at my elder brother.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nose Bleed

I have been having nose bleed since last Thursday. Thank God it stopped yesterday.

I did not go to school yesterday because Mami decided to bring me to see a doctor. The doctor said that it was most likely due to nose sensitively.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I am SuperMan

I feel like a Superman. In fact, I look like one. This is a hand-me-down from Aunty Julie, the mother to Kor Kor's classmate and a friend to Mami. Cool, isn't it?

I was a little too shy to pose like a Superman.