Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cheeky Me

My preschool principal once told Dadi and Mami that while my Kor Kor (who was previously in the same preschool) was a straight forward and honest boy, I on the other hand was a street smart boy. I would know how to go around getting what I wanted in a subtle and adorable way.

I have been sleeping with my Kor Kor in his room since January this year. I have never slept with Mami in her room, with an exception when Yeh Yeh and Mah Mah comes to visit us from Ipoh. When that happens, Kor Kor and I would happily volunteer our room for them so that we can enjoy a bigger and more comfortable bed in Dadi and Mami's room.

Recently, I managed to trick Mami into allowing me to sleep with her. Dadi had gone to overseas for a business trip. On the first night, I entered Mami's room as soon as my Kor Kor fell asleep. It was about 9:30 p.m. I told Mami that I wasn't able to sleep and I wanted to sleep with her. Mami comforted me, brought me back to the room, prayed with me and tugged me to bed. I came back to her room 15 minutes later, and she did the same.

At the third time of me going back to Mami's room, Mami asked me "What if Dadi comes back all of a sudden? He wouldn't have a bed to sleep in". Then I replied "When Dadi comes back, he would be dirty. He can sleep in Kor Kor's room. I think Kor Kor is dirty too. I am very clean. Mami is clean too. So, I can sleep with Mami". Mami corrected me and said that it was rude for me to comment that Dadi and Kor Kor are dirty. She was feeling very tired, and agreed for me to sleep with her. I nodded my head innocently and took my blankie to her bed.

On the second night while Dadi was away, I did the same thing. Mami tried to persuade me to go to my own bed. Then I told her "Mami, you said that I am your baby. Baby must sleep with Mami one. I want to be your baby, can or not?" I ended up happy on Mami's bed for the night again.

On the third night while Dadi was away, I did the same thing. This time, Mami was smarter. She insited that I sleep on my own bed. Then I told her "Mami, I don't feel well. I have a flu." Mami said "No Shaun. You don't have a flu. You are perfectly fine". Then I replied "Yes, I have flu. *snif snif*. You see, I have a flu *snif snif*. I took a tissue and blew my nose. Amazingly, there was a little water.

Mami then allowed me to sleep with her again. I gave her a smile and quickly took my blankie to her room.

Tonight is the 4th night. Do you think Mami can withstand the test?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Practicing with my Kor Kor

My Kor Kor was a good helper. Mami was a little lazy to play the song for me to practice singing. So, Kor Kor took over and played the piano so that I could sing.

Thank you Kor Kor.

Neat Handwriting

Mami praised me with my neat handwriting. Well, I normally write very well when it comes to writing the names of my super heros. I would normally copy the names from my SuperHero Book.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I am Mami's little baby

I am already 4 years old, but I am still Mami's little baby. I like being cuddled by Mami and I am sure Mami enjoys cuddling me too. I guess this is the advantage of being the youngest child. Mami does not have any other to cuddle.

Besides going to school on my own, I do not like to be separated from Mami. I am still insistent that Mami follows me when I go to Sunday School in church. It helps because Mami is also a teacher there. So, she is helping every Sunday, since I require Mami to be there. I am also insistent that Mami accompanies me for my music classes. I would not allow Dadi to come along. Last week, Mami injured her leg due to a fall from our staircase and I insisted that Mami would come and wait for me downstairs at Yamaha. Mami persuaded me for hours to allow my Kor Kor to accompany me. In the end, I allowed my Kor Kor to be with me, with the condition that Mami does not drop us off and go home. My Kor Kor is certainly Mami's good helper.

I don't mind if people tease me that I am Mami's little baby. I want to be, and I am sure I would always be.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Birthday Party

I attended a friend's birthday party last Saturday night. He was a friend from my kindergarden. His name is Cheng Hong, turning 6 years old. He stays in a garden quite near my house. My Kor Kor came along as well.

I was one of the first to arrive and I was really quiet. I was acting so differently from how I normally would in school. When more and more friends came, the excitement started and we all had lots of fun together.

The highlight of the birthday party was a magician cum clown. A man came out in a magician garment, performed some tricks and made us all very happy. He even asked for volunteers. Benjamin Kor Kor was one of them who volunteered and Kor Kor made an egg disappear. I was amazed, but was too shy and afraid to volunteer for the next magician act.

The magician turned into a clown and made us balloon swords and guns. We all had our ballons based on our requests.

We also had games and had our fair share of prizes through the games.

I was very happy to be able to attend this birthday party. I am sure my Kor Kor enjoyed himself too.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thomas and Friends Floor Puzzles

Last weekend, just before school reopened, I asked Mami "What can I play?" Mami ignored my question and reminded me that school will be starting and I would need to sleep early. I was very reluctant to listen, so I quickly opened the storeroom. The storeroom that has all my toys in it.

I was attracted to a blue box and opened it. In it, there was Kor Kor's old Thomas and Friends Puzzles. It has been really long since I played with them.

I immediately requested for Kor Kor to fix the puzzles together. We enjoyed ourselves.

Each of us raced to work on one big puzzle

Finally done. So, we combined them together

We had 2 smaller puzzles. Kor Kor completed his first.
While waiting for me, he was relaxing on this
puzzle mat.

Kor Kor's completed puzzle

This was mine

Thursday, March 15, 2012

My current favourite interest - Super Hero Squad

Ever since Mami bought the Scholastic Super Hero Squad comics for me, I thoroughly enjoy playing Super Hero Squad. I play with my superhero figurines all day and I would be singing or hymming the theme song of Super Hero Squad.

I have certainly grown wiser now. I would know how to switch on the labtop, request my Kor Kor to open the internet browser and type "superhero squad movie" and I would watch the cartoon online on the labtop.

Super Hero Squad, Hero Up!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Practising for my 1st Yamaha mini concert

I am coming to the end of my first Yamaha Music Course Book 1. Next month, I will move on with the Yamaha Music Course Book 2. To mark our "graduation" from Book 1, there would be a mini concert just within our class. We are required to play 2 songs and sing 1 song on our own.

Thanks to my Benjamin Kor Kor who had set a high standard in his music class, our music teacher requested me to play the songs with the thumb drive on the Electone Stagea. The thumb drive would have pre-recorded the background music and I would have to follow the pre-set rhythm.

So, this is my first attempt to play with the pre-set rhythm and sounds.


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Marvel Super Hero Squad

Mami had purchased the Super Hero Squad books from Scholastic through my kindergarden. I chose this myself. It comes in a set of 2. I love both books and I would read them all by myself over and over again. Coincidently, I happen to have some of the superhero characters from McDonalds.

My brother Benjamin loves them too. Yesterday, Benjamin requested Mami to buy 2 comics of the Super Hero Squad. Mami bought them from MPH.

Now, we are both a Super Hero Squad fan.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Gardner&Wife Theatre: The Owl Who Was Afraid of The Dark

My kindergarden has organised a field trip to PJ Live Arts Centre to watch the Gardner&Wife Theatre: The Owl Who Was Afraid of The Dark. Initially Mami did not allow me to join my kindergarden for this event because Dadi and Mami will be bringing Kor Kor and I to the show on their own. However, I kept asking Mami for the money to pay for this trip. I told her that my teacher kept asking me for the money.

Mami was not very happy, but my generous Dadi comforted me and said that it was ok for me to join the kindergarden. Dadi gave me the money for this field trip. So, I'll be going to see the show twice. Once with my kinder-mates and another time with my family. Yeay!

Thank you Dadi.