Thursday, October 2, 2014

Shy, Shy, Shy

Do you allow you parents, particularly mommy to accompany you to school? I don't quite like it. Why? Because I feel shy when my Mami comes into the school compound to see me.

Once in a while, perhaps, once in a few months, she comes into the school in the morning to meet up with her friends for breakfast in the canteen. Sometimes, she comes to join the school PTA committee for some coffee fellowship. When she does that, I would remind her before leaving for school that she should go directly to the canteen, and not hang around where I "hang around". I feel embarrassed when my friends would see my Mami and shout "Shaun, your mommy is here." I told Mami I am entering Primary Two soon. I am a big boy now.

Don't you feel the same way?