Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ben10 figurine

Mami gave me a reward yesterday. She had earlier asked me what I wanted, and I told her that my friend at school had lots of Ben10 toys. I wanted Ben10 too.

So, Mami kept her promise and bought me this small Ben10 figurine. I like it very much and I named him Bento. I took my Bento to bed last night.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Versa Tiles from Voila

When Benjamin Kor Kor was young, Mami bought quite a number of Voila Toys. There are all good quality wooden toys originated from Thailand. They have quite a good selection of educational wooden toys for young toddlers.

Out of all the wooden toys that he had, I enjoy this the most. It's called Versa Tiles. You can see it in the here:

It is a set of colourful 28 blocks. It has a quite a number of cardboard patterns and you need to place the blocks based on the colour and pattern in the cardboard. As you progress higher, there would be frames which you need to use the blocks to fill in the picture. It is not very easy. I would only know how to put the blocks based on the colour and pattern given.

This is how you place the blocks on the cardboard provided.
You would just need to match the shape and colour.
This is how it looks like after you have placed all the boards in the base.

There are other cardboards like this.
You need to place the blocks in the outline to
form the picture. It's not easy for me.

The answers are provided here to show which
shape of block you need to use to form the picture.
There are about 9 or 10 cardboards, each double sided.
So, lots of pictures to do.

My Actual Birthday

The actual day of my birthday was on Saturday. There was no special birthday celebration on Saturday, but Dadi brought us to TGIF, Gardens for dinner. I enjoyed my dinner there.... and I had a surprised birthday song from Benjamin Kor Kor.

My favourite.... Fish and Chips

Finally, this is a video of my Benjamin Kor Kor singing a birthday song to me during dinner.

My 4th Birthday Celebration

Thank God I was well on Friday to celebrate my 4th birthday in school. My actual birthday was on Saturday. So, it was an early celebration for me.

Dadi took half day leave on Friday. So, I had Dadi, Mami and Ah Mah coming to my school with a big birthday cake. I initially wanted a picture of a Green Transformer on my cake. Mami said that the cake shop couldn't do a Green Transformer. So, she said that they made a special Green Buzz Lightyear "Transformer" cake. My favourite colour is green and Mami had to say the word "Transformer" for me to agree with the picture on the cake. It did look like a Transformer to me.

My Green Transformer Buzz Lightyear Cake

My birthday celebration was during our break time. Dadi bought Vitagens and M&M chocolates for my friends to eat with my birthday cake. It was yummy yum yum.

What did I give to my friends as a party pack? Mami bought the Little Miss series from BookAccess.

My gift to my friends

These are the boys from my class.

My family

Eating time

Eating my birthday cake

Oranges served by my school
I enjoyed my birthday celebration with my friends. I was really happy to have my family members with me too.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

High Fever

I gave Dadi and Mami a scare last night.

I vomitted while I was sleeping and I started crying at 1 a.m. My cry woke Benjamin Kor Kor. Kor Kor then woke Dadi. Dadi came into our room and saw that I had already vomitted on the bed. Dadi then woke Mami. Mami came and cleaned me, while Dadi took out my pillow case and bedsheet.

I went to Dadi and Mami's room to sleep. When I was sleeping, they were surprised that my temperature had shot up to 39.3 Celsius. I gave Dadi and Mami a sleepless night due to my fever.

Mami told me this morning that I should be grateful to Dadi. He kept waking up to check on my fever last night. She said that Dadi loved me very much. I replied "I didn't love Dadi, what? I didn't love Dadi because he is dirty".  Mami kept correcting me and said that I needed to love Dadi. Mami is still very puzzled why I would always claim that Dadi is dirty. I would normally push Dadi away saying that he is dirty.

I am on an antibiotic now and am at home to rest. Tomorrow is a day before my birthday. Mami assured me that she would still bring me to school to celebrate my birthday with all my friends.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Music Flashcards

I do not quite understand the concept of counting music notes from "Do". So, Mami had spent some time making Music Flashcards to teach me. Instead of counting the notes, I shall try memorizing the notes for a start. Mami isn't quite sure if this is a good way to teach me how to read music notes, but it's still worth a try. We'll never know.

These flashcards were made by Mami
from Manilla Card 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

30 minutes Mandarin Tuition each week

Can you believe that I have started Mandarin tuition?

My "worrying" Mami is worried that I will struggle when I switch to a Chinese Kindergarden next year. Although there is Mandarin subject covered in my kindergarden, Mami feels that I have a long way to go in this subject. She started worrying when my teacher in kindergarden told her that I'm like a roller-coaster in Mandarin. There are some days I am good, and some days I can completely forget everything. It is more apparent due to the recent festive seasons and holidays. When I am at my peak, I will fall back down once I come back fresh from school holidays.

I certainly dislike Mandarin, but it doesn't stop Mami in ensuring that I learn this language. Mami requested Benjamin Kor Kor's mandarin tuition teacher to spend 30 minutes each week with me. As a result, Kor Kor's tuition is being reduced to an hour a week. Mami is fine with it because the chinese syllabus in his school is pretty low.

I started my tuition last week. Yesterday was my second time and surprising the tuition teacher commented that I am more focused during tuition compared to my Kor Kor. Yey..... I am better!

My tuition is pretty fun. Because I am still young, there is not much writing. It is back to the basics for writing. My tuition teacher teaches me through flashcards and books to read. She wants me to do more reading than writing. Sometimes, she would use the flashcards to play a game.

I like my tuition teacher. She is not a teacher by profession. She is a working professional who takes her extra time to give Kor Kor tuition. Now I understand why Kor Kor is willing to have mandarin tuition once a week.

The result of Mami's complaints

From my earlier post, I mentioned that Mami went to my kindergarden today to request for my homework to be reduced, reminding the teachers that I am only turning 4 years old next week. It worked.

I came back with "lesser-to-write" homework. Come along and see my homework.....

The page on the left was the alphabet "E" homework completed on Monday.
Teacher requested me to do again "E" on Tuesday...
which I completed on the right page.
In addition to "E", I had to write 2 full pages of "f" and "F".
I cried because I didn't write my "f" and "F" pages.

Teacher finally cut half of the rows in the exercise book for me today.
So, the above was today's homework.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Homework problem

I shed a little tears today and told Mami that I didn't finished my homework yesterday. Mami knew and she said it was ok... but only for today.

My kindergarden had never really given any homework. Most of the time, homework is only given during the weekends or holidays. Recently, there is alot of homework and I am struggling with it. Yesterday, I had 3 full pages of homework in an exercise book. I had to write the alphabets "E", "f" and "F" for 72 times each in 3 pages. The other problem was that if I didn't write them nicely within the red and blue lines, I would have to repeat the entire page. The alphabet "E" was written last week, but the teacher felt it was not good enough. So, I am rewriting the alphabet "E" all over again.

I tried my best to finish my homework yesterday, but I just couldn't. I eventually only wrote the alphabet "E" for 72 times in 1 page. Each page has 12 lines and 6 rows. That is why it is 72 times.

Mami was not happy with the homework given. This morning, she accompanied me to my kindergarden and spoke to the Principal about my homework. She reminded the Principal that I am only turning 4 years old next week and it would be unfair to expect me to write perfectly well. She showed the Principal that my alphabet "E" was previously written fairly well. It was unfair for me to repeat writing the alphabet again.

I hope my teacher would not pressure me too much in writing. I really dislike writing.

My first Valentine Day Card

I did this Valentine's Day card for my family today.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I cried today

I cried this morning, refusing to take my bath before school today. I told Mami that I didn't want to go to school.

Mami doesn't quite understand why I am behaving in such a way. Perhaps I was still tired because I woke up at 5:30 a.m. this morning. Or perhaps I didn't like doing alot of writing. I begged Mami to stay with me in school if I needed to go.

Mami eventually persuaded me to take my bath and drove me to school. She spoke to my teacher and asked if anything had changed in school recently. The only thing which the teacher commented was my homework. Perhaps there is too much writing to do for homework. Writing my alphabets many many many times in a page is probably too much, considering that I am only turning 4 years old next week. It hasn't been easy for me to join the 5 years old class.

Mami requested for my teacher to review my homework. She doesn't want me to be overly pressured with writing alphabets. The teacher noted that I already know how to write my alphabets. It's too much for me to keep re-writing them again and again.

Mami also requested my teacher to review if I was suited to be in the 5 years old class. The teacher said that I could read and write well. I could read better than most 5 years old. Because of this, I would be bored in the 4 years old class. I had already completed the 4 years old syllabus last year. Furthermore, all my friends are 5 years old in the same class.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I love Jungle Gym

I went to Jungle Gym yesterday. I was so happy and I love it.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Cars2 Movie

Kor Kor and I love Cars2 movie. Previously Mah Mah bought us a Cars2 DVD and since then, we have been watching it over and over and over and over and over again. We can even watch the DVD twice or three times a day on a non-school day. Dadi and Mami have been complaining over it. We just love Cars2 movie.

Friday, February 3, 2012

More Reading for Me

Today, my Kupoh (she was also my caretaker when I was a baby while Mami was at work previously) and Lao Yee (My Grandmother's sister) came to our house to have dinner with us. I was quite happy to see them.

I overheard Mami sharing with them about me. Lao Yee is a secondary school teacher and Mami was showing my school books to her. Lao Yee felt that I am already quite advance for my age (because I am in the 5 years old class) and advised Mami not to force me to do too much writing at home. I am turning 4 soon, and I am able to write words. Mami is just not too happy that I have no discipline in completing my homework, and doing other homework provided by Mami.

Lao Yee encouraged Mami to do more reading with me instead. Well, I hope Mami listens to Lao Yee because I would rather read than write. I don't quite like to read books, but I love it if Mami would flash me cards. Mami said that flash cards are only for babies. So, Mami said that I have to read with her every night. There has always been daily bedtime reading, but most of the time my Kor Kor would read with Mami. I would be busy playing in the room.

Mami sounded really serious. I guess it's goodbye to my playtime in the room before bed.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Common question on every school day

I wish I didn't need to go to school. I wake up very early every morning. The earliest would be at 6:30 a.m. when my Kor Kor wakes up for school. Most of the time, I am awake latest by 6:45 a.m.

I am eager to wake up, but not eager to go to school. I would wake up on my own, go downstairs and there I will see my Kor Kor eating his cereal at the dining table, with Mami beside him. Once I am downstairs, I would normally give Mami a hug, and will head to the living room sofa to wait for my milk. I would drink my milk while watching the TV. I know it's a habit which is not good, but I love to watch TV.

Mami goes out with Kor Kor once he is ready. Kor Kor is always ready very early. I would take my own sweet time to drink my milk. My Kakak will then feed me cereal once Mami and Kor Kor have left for school.

Every morning when Mami fetches me to school, I would ask Mami the same question over and over again "Mami will fetch me to school and Uncle Van will fetch me home, issit?" I would always ask this question to get the assurance that I will be back early. The reason is because previously when Mami was working, I had to stay in the school for daycare. I had to take a nap in school. I would want Mami to assure me that I would come back after my Mandarin lessons in school.

I am happy that Mami is no longer working. I dislike sleeping in school. I would always tell Mami that I misses her. I am always good at winning Mami's heart :)

Playing by Ear

I am only 3, turning 4 end of this month and Mami is amazed that I am able to play by ear. I love to irritate my Kor Kor by listening to the songs he play on the Electone and I'll try to play the song a little.

Can you guess what Chinese Song this is?

I was playing a Chinese Song... The Moon Represents My Heart.