Thursday, November 27, 2014

School Achievements - 2014

I did well this year. I won a few awards, but did not win the core subject awards. I hope to be able to work harder next year. Mami says that I need to be more hardworking. I will try, but like any other child, I love to play.

Thank you Yeh Yeh and Mah Mah
for coming to our Speech Day to support us
in our dance performances. Mah Mah
also bought me Legos for my achievements in school.

My trophies on the left side of this picture.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Shy, Shy, Shy

Do you allow you parents, particularly mommy to accompany you to school? I don't quite like it. Why? Because I feel shy when my Mami comes into the school compound to see me.

Once in a while, perhaps, once in a few months, she comes into the school in the morning to meet up with her friends for breakfast in the canteen. Sometimes, she comes to join the school PTA committee for some coffee fellowship. When she does that, I would remind her before leaving for school that she should go directly to the canteen, and not hang around where I "hang around". I feel embarrassed when my friends would see my Mami and shout "Shaun, your mommy is here." I told Mami I am entering Primary Two soon. I am a big boy now.

Don't you feel the same way?

Monday, September 29, 2014

Ah Mah and I

This is my grandmother. Today, I am all dressed up to be the narrator for my class play, Jack & the Beanstalk. I was really happy to be selected as the narrator because I dislike memorizing scripts. As the narrator, I get to read from the paper. My grandmother was praising me, saying that I looked really handsome. So, I made her happy by taking a photograph with her.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Captivating Smile

Mami loves to see me smile. She says I have the most captivating smile.

This is probably the age that she likes me the most. I am 6 years old now. She says I am adorable, love to cuddle like a baby, and most generous with my kisses. I love to sniff her hand and arm. I love to say "hug-mm, hug-mm" which represents "hug me, hug me". My grandma would always tease me and ask me to change to "hug-ngai, hug-ngai". She says it means "hug me" in hakka.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

2014 Mid Year Review for Year 1

Two weeks ago, Dadi and Mami went to school to meet my teachers to collect my Mid Year Assessment Report. This is the first assessment report for Year 1. Mami was a little anxious to see my report as she did not know what to expect. She had no idea how I was doing in school.

Nevertheless, praise God I did very well. The comments made caught all of us by surprised. Dadi and Mami were very happy and relieved that I was doing well.

I hope to be able to continue performing well. The teacher commented to say that I am rather shy in class. I do not take the initiative to raise up my hands to answer questions. I am so, because I am worried that my answers may be incorrect. I have always felt inferior amongst my classmates because I am 6 years old and many are 7 years of age. I really have to learn to be more confident.

I thank God for His grace and mercy. Certainly it is by His grace that has brought me through.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Church Camp 2014 - Bukit Gambang

We went to Bukit Gambang for our church camp last month. It was a fun camp, as there was good allocation of free and easy time for us to explore the Water Park and the Animal Park. 

The water park was fun for me. However, the animal park was a little boring as there was not many animals to see. We went at night, and we managed to see the night show.

Everyone had a good time of fellowship and we came back all tired because the journey was a little long for me. 

We sat the Shuttle Bus from the resort
to the water park

A show on Tarzan

Took this picture of the horse for my science project

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sinbad Musical

My family and I went for Sinbad Musical held at KLPAC last month. We were privileged to have our neighbour to buy tickets at a reduced price.

Sinbad Musical was good, lively, colourful and full of music. I did not fully understand the whole story of Sinbad as the story line was embedded into the songs. However, Ben Ben kor kor managed to understand the story.

It was still a great experience to be in KLPAC. This is my first time and I hope there would be more musicals for me to attend in the near future.

Friday, April 25, 2014

My First Medal From School

Hooray! Today was my Sports Day. I won 3rd place for 50m run for boys. I was so happy because I was competing against 7 years old boys. They were fast. I am grateful for this medal.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

I Am A Growing Child

How do I know that I am a growing child? My favourite phrase at home every hour or two.... "Hungry, hungry, hungry." I utter these words everyday at home or even when I am out.

I enjoy eating, but yet, I am a picky eater. I love to eat rice during my main meals, and dislike noodles. I love red bean pau and roti canai but dislike pancakes. I am fortunate to have my Ah Mah making homemade pau, roti canai (with homemade dhal) and mantou. I would spread Nutella on mantou. Eating is heaven to me at this age.

Hungry, hungry, hungry.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Frozen Addict

Are you a "Frozen" addict? I love all the songs from Frozen. I am sure many children are too. During the period when the haze was bad in Cheras, my school would play the video of the song "Let It Go" in the school hall during our break time. This is because the school wanted us to enter the hall once we have eaten our food. We were not allowed to play in the open court due to the haze. It was a great time for us, singing the song along.

Kor Kor and I love to play the frozen songs together on our musical instruments. I would normally play the electone, and Kor Kor on the piano. We are able to sing duet with each other too.

I love Olaf and Anna. I love to imitate Olaf by saying "Yah, why?"

Finally, I love to write the lyrics of the song. I am able to memorise all the lyrics, but I copied this from the internet.

Oh... oh... before I forget. My Kor Kor used the song from "Love Is An Open Door" and changed the lyrics for his class presentation for school. He has just given the song to his teacher. Hopefully his class is able to perform this during assembly in school in the month of July. My Kor Kor even asked permission from his class teacher if I can be roped in to play the piano with him. He said he needed three hands to be able to play the song well. I am all excited because I love to play this song with Kor Kor on the piano. I can't wait....yey.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Yey! Mami is Proud of Me

I am constantly seeking for Mami's praises. Since young, I have always heard how Mami would praise my Kor Kor for being smart in school. He has been doing well in school. This year, I entered Primary One at the age of 6. I too hope that I can do just as well as my Kor Kor.

It has not been easy for me. As my class comprises of 6 and 7 years old students, generally it is a disadvantage for me. I am not a boy who is hardworking, but I do expect to still do well in class. I can be a little slow in class, perhaps it is due to my low self confidence.

Nevertheless, I am proud that I am still doing well. Perhaps not the best in class, but I would say I am still far above average. Recently, I scored 97% for my science assessment (based on only 1 mistake) and 100% for mathematics. I was really happy with mathematics because there were only two students in my class who scored full marks. The other girl is aged 7 this year.

Mami has constantly reminded me that I should not be overly competitive in class. I am a year younger, and it is already a victory to be able to start Primary One a year ahead. I know that Mami is very proud of me. Given my age, I have achieved many things. Mami had just told me that God blessed me with many talents. I must use my talents to please God. Thank you God.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Week of School Holidays

One week of school holiday has ended. It was not a very eventful holiday for my family. Dadi was away to Singapore and Dubai. He is still in Dubai and will be back only end of next week. Nevertheless, Kor Kor and I still had fun during the holidays.

At the beginning of the school holidays, we started a little home revision and music practices. We played lots of GiGo Cubes and made our own cars and robots.

On Friday morning, we had our cousins over to do some art and craft which Mami bought from Mr. DIY.

Wind Chimes made by Kor Kor and I

Wind Chimes made by
Ashley Cheh Cheh and Tobin Kor Kor

Finally, on Friday afternoon, we were invited by Kor Kor's classmate to her club to play. This is the second time we played in her club. There were 6 of us. Exactly three boys and three girls. We had lots of fun playing badminton, bowling and swimming. We ate in her club and only came home at 10:30 p.m. Kids and mummies had lots of fun and laughter.

I guess my school holiday just ended in a blink of an eye. Though I wished I had a longer school holiday, I was also looking forward to school. Why? It's actually a secret, but I can give you a hint. I miss my ****friend.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

One of My Favourite Past Time

This is what I love to do.....

Bonding Time with Kor Kor,
In front of the TV

Little Kitchen Helper

I am good at helping everyone in the kitchen. I love being praised for a good job done in the kitchen. Here are some photos to share with you.

Benjamin Kor Kor washed the dishes,
and I wiped them dry
Helping Ah Mah knead the dough to make
my favourite Roti Canai for breakfast
Trying the make biscuits

Removing Ginkgo shells

Thursday, February 27, 2014

I am 6 years old

I am finally 6 years old. I wanted to be 6 years old so that I can be called a big boy in school. Some of my classmates are 6, turning 7 this year.

There was no celebration, but Dadi and Mami prepared party packs for my classmates. There was a cupcake and a deck of playcards in them. My cupcakes were special......superhero cupcakes!

For my teachers, Mami delivered a box of home baked chicken pies. We took the opportunity to include Kor Kor's class teachers because most of them know me as well. We wrote messages for the teachers, thanking all of them.

This is a box of chicken pies delivered to my teachers

Our messages to the teachers on the box of the chicken pie

Thank you God for making me 6 years old today.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Start of 2014

It has been so long since Mami updated this blog. However, I do not want to forget how I started off the new year.

I graduated from my preschool at the age of 5. Mami wanted me to enter Year 1 in 2014. I had no idea if Year 1 was fun, but Kor Kor seems to be happy in primary school. So, I figured, I should start going to the big boy school.

I started off my first day of school in fear. Fear that my teachers would be fierce. Fear that I would not know what to do, where to go, what was expected of me. Dadi and Mami accompanied me to school. They stayed the entire day in school......because I insisted they did so. As expected, I cried in school. However, as soon as I entered the school hall for my first assembly, I stopped. Dadi and Mami were relieved that I was doing fine in class.

I cried in school for the next two days of school. Ah Mah came on the 3rd day of school. She said that I did not cry as much as Kor Kor when he first entered Year 1. As least that was a relieve for Ah Mah. Ah Mah felt "heart sick" when she saw me in tears. She commented that perhaps I was too young for Year 1.

A month has passed. I am glad to say that I do enjoy school. I told Mami that I enjoyed school because I have a girlfriend in my class. She is pretty and lovely to me. My Kor Kor finds her pretty too :)

I guess the big boy school is not that bad after all. Everyone is happy that I fitted in well, with the exception of eating in school. Mami had to pack breakfast and lunch for me from home. I dislike the canteen food. So, more work for Mami and Ah Mah.

Dadi and Mami hope that year 2014 with mark the start of higher maturity level. They always find me immature like a baby. I need to prove them wrong.

I pray for God's favour to rest upon me in Year 2014.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Party

Christmas was great recently. We had a pot bless in Alvin Kor Kor's house. As always, I enjoy great company..... Will always enjoy the company of our cell group members.

Blessed Belated Christmas and a Happy New Year.