Friday, October 11, 2013

New Hairdo again

My new punk look

Kor Kor looks the same all the time

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cajon Lesson

I attended a cajon lesson last Sunday in church. There were many Kor Kors and Cheh Chehs there. They all sat on large looking cajons, while I had with me a small cajon. Dadi and Mami bought me this small cajon, suitable for my height. It was custom-made by Derek Kor Kor, owner of Timoz Percussion.

I have been using the cajon very often at home. It is a great and cool toy to me. I can sit on the cajon and drum all day. I can sit on the sofa and place my bowl of rice on the cajon while eating in front of the TV. I can also use it as a stool, resting my legs on the cajon. I sometimes use it as my imaginary Headquarters of my Superhero Squad while playing with Kor Kor. I have been far more creative than my Kor Kor when it comes to utilizing my cajon.

Here are some photos to share with you. Don't let the photos mislead you. I was paying attention most of the time. If any of you are interested to buy, you can buy it from Timoz Percussion with a reasonable price.

Kor Kor and I playing the cajons

Though I looked bored, but it wasn't the case.
This picture is deceiving.
OK....I know I was distracted

I was distracted by this Cheh Cheh who kept taking photos.

One big family of cajons