Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm 19 months old. Mami keeps saying that she can't believe how fast I've grown. What do I like to do lately?

1) Sing and jump and move. I love a particular DCD which plays some Christian songs. It's nice and I would sing and jump and move around. If I want to watch the DVD, I would just say "Arise" because the song title is "Arise".

2) I love to eat. Yum...yum.....yummy.....yum.

3) I love books and flashcards. I don't get to see flashcards all the time. Only during the weekends when I'm with Mami. During the weekdays, I'm in grandaunt's house. I am able to recognise words of colours (red, blue, green, yellow, purple) and animals (zebra, monkey, rabbit, dog, cat). I can also recognise some Chinese words which are family members in mandarin.

4) I'm still on the pacifier......oops.... It's actually one of the way to stop me from eating. Mami and grandaunt are trying to wean me off it.