Sunday, March 31, 2013

I am a Dino

This is a Dino hat given by a school friend, Marcus. Doesn't it look great?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cheeky me...

I love to play. Like any other young kids, I love to play toys. I love it even more if my Kor Kor would play the same toys as mine.

Kor Kor loves to build Legos. I love to play anything which has lots of action e.g. Superhero squad, Power Rangers, Star wars or Cars2. Due to my influence, Kor Kor is beginning to like what I play. Do you want to know my trick of influence?

I would normally take out a particular batch of toys and ask Kor Kor to play with me. If he doesn't, I would then ask him if he was sure he did not like to play these toys. If he ignores me, I would reactively say "Never mindlah. If you do not like to play these, we throw everything away lah".

Kor kor would be "heart-sick" and would immediately play with me. I on the other hand will be jumping with glee.

My Kor Kor and I

I do not say it out loud, but I do love my Kor Kor. He likes to teach me....but sometimes I dislike being taught. It makes me feel that I am not as smart as him. Mami would always remind me that I am three years younger than Kor Kor. So, it is normal that Kor Kor knows more than I do.

Here are some pictures to share.