Monday, September 19, 2011

Gigo - Junior Engineer

One of my favourite toys is the Gigo Junior Engineer. It's easy to play and fix.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

More photos of the wedding

Finally the wedding stress is over

Mami and Dadi stressed me up while preparing me as a paige boy in Cheh Cheh Jasmine and Kor Kor Billy's wedding (church members). There were few rehearsals and I had to walk properly according to the music tempo with a flower girl, Abigail. Finally it's over. Yeh! No more stress from Mami and Dadi. I'm always reminded to walk properly, look straight to the front and SMILE.

Can you see me in my paige boy suit?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Moon Cake Party

Yesterday my kindies had a moon cake party.... here are pictures of me enjoying myself with my friends...

The Gang of Four....

We had show and tell... the story of moon cake festival or as Teacher Sher-li calls it, the mid-autumn festival...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cheeky faces

I love to make cheeky faces when I take photographs.

Mami was trying to take some decent photos of me, but see how I posed....

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My previous cheerful face, waiting to go to school

This picture was taken last month before the school holidays. I was more cheerful waiting to be fetched to school back then.

Wish there wasn't any school

This morning when I woke up, I asked Mami "Got no school ah?"..... "I don't want to go to school".

How I wish it is holiday time. Mami said next week there is one day of holiday but I want more holidays.

Fun Thinkers from Grolier

Dadi and Mami bought for me Fun Thinkers from Grolier during their visit to the BookFest 2011. It is like a matching game. It cost RM500 for the entire set. It comes with 10 books with 25 exercises each and a frame of tiles. It's fun to do. Kor Kor also played with it because it had different level of difficulty. During the BookFest, Dadi managed to ask for an additional frame of tiles for free so that Kor Kor can have his own share of fun.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Post from Mami about me :)

God has blessed me with a second child, Shaun.

Shaun has a different personality from his brother, Benjamin. He is aggressive at home, but timid when he is with unfamiliar crowd. Similarly, his voice is loud at home, but the reverse outside.

Shaun has a street-smart personality. He gets his ways around and is also quite manipulative. He has a sweet mouth. He is very generous to say "I love you Mami", "I love you very much, Mami", "I'll help you, Mami", but he sometimes have a second sentence following which he will quietly say "Don't scold me ah, Mami" or "Don't cane me ah, Mami". He is also very quick to say "I'm sorry, Mami", followed by "I say sorry already, Mami" when he does something wrong. With his sweet adorable voice, I sometimes find it difficult to respond to his punishment.

Shaun is a smart boy. He can read well at the age of 3. His writing and colouring skills are good for his age. However, he dislike studying and doing his homework. He requires alot of attention when it comes to completing his homework.

Shaun enjoys music. He has not started any music lessons but has displayed great interest in playing the piano. He will be starting music lessons at Yamaha Music School soon this October.

Unique as he is, he certainly has his ways to win my heart. Being the youngest, he would most of the time expects me to shower him with many hugs and kisses. He sleeps with me, and would always want me to be with him wherever he goes. At times, he wants me to call him "Baby" so that he can be cuddled in my arms.

I thank God for this little baby child, Shaun.

Shaun's Proud Mother,

Can you guess what song am I singing?

It's a song from Jake and the Neverland Pirates on DisneyJunior.

Me and my Kor Kor

I love to give instructions....

I love to give instructions to people. When Mami calls Dadi by his name, I would instruct Mami to say "Mami, you must say DEAR". I want Mami to call Dadi "Dear". Sometimes when I give a water tumbler to Mami to drink, I would instruct Mami and say "Mami, you must say thank you to Shaun Shaun". Just now, I requested Mami to make milk for me. Mami replied and said "OK, my King". I immediately corrected Mami and said , "Mami, you must say OK, my baby".

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Dadi and Mami went to BookFest 2011 yesterday evening and bought me a little books. One colouring book, one English workbook and my favourites......... Go San Diego Go! and Dora the Explorer. Yey...

Thank you Dadi and Mami.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Sand Art

Did this Sand Art yesterday. I love Sand Art. I chose green, red, yellow, orange, blue, pink, brown, purple and white.

Mami ~ The last sentence of this post was constructed by Shaun himself. Trying to follow what his Kor Kor did in his blog (

I don't like to do homework

This week, Mami has been asking Ben Ben Kor Kor and I to go to the room everyday and do some homework or study. I had completed my Preschool Homework earlier already, but there seems to be some more homework to do. I don't like to do homework.