Friday, November 29, 2013

Hong Kong Family trip

We had a great holiday in Hong Kong recently with Ah Ku's family and Ah Mah.

The weather was not as cold as expected. Most of the time, I would only wear one layer of long sleeve shirt. I enjoyed the weather there.

We walked a lot in Hong Kong. We went to many shops. Mami and Ah Mah bought a few items. I would say that we did not buy many things, though we went shopping everyday (on average, we were shopping about 8-9 hours a day). We spent a day in Ocean Park and that was the best part of the holiday for me. I loved the rides. I loved the shows. I loved the animals.

Dadi and Mami were proud of Kor Kor and I. We were able to walk at the same speed as the adults. I whined a little sometimes because I disliked shopping......with the exception of shopping for toys. I managed to convince Dadi to buy for me a small box of Batman lego and a set of Spiderman pyjamas.

I had a great time in Hong Kong, with great company. I loved playing with my Kor Kor and cousins. I wish there would be more trips together soon.

My family with Ah Mah

Ah Ku's family with Ah Mah
Us with cousins
The babies in the group

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Preschool Graduation

I have finally graduated. I have graduated from preschool education at 5 years old.

Today was my Preschool Graduation. I performed well. Dadi, Mami and Benjamin Kor Kor were very happy and proud of me. Mami said that she cannot believe that her little baby has graduated. Kor Kor was so happy for me till he had watery eyes when I recited my graduation poem.

I will be joining Benjamin Kor Kor next year in the big boy school.

My best friends
Here is a video of my graduation poem recited in during my graduation ceremony. Mami had failed to catch me on video in school. So, I recited it at home.