Thursday, February 27, 2014

I am 6 years old

I am finally 6 years old. I wanted to be 6 years old so that I can be called a big boy in school. Some of my classmates are 6, turning 7 this year.

There was no celebration, but Dadi and Mami prepared party packs for my classmates. There was a cupcake and a deck of playcards in them. My cupcakes were special......superhero cupcakes!

For my teachers, Mami delivered a box of home baked chicken pies. We took the opportunity to include Kor Kor's class teachers because most of them know me as well. We wrote messages for the teachers, thanking all of them.

This is a box of chicken pies delivered to my teachers

Our messages to the teachers on the box of the chicken pie

Thank you God for making me 6 years old today.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Start of 2014

It has been so long since Mami updated this blog. However, I do not want to forget how I started off the new year.

I graduated from my preschool at the age of 5. Mami wanted me to enter Year 1 in 2014. I had no idea if Year 1 was fun, but Kor Kor seems to be happy in primary school. So, I figured, I should start going to the big boy school.

I started off my first day of school in fear. Fear that my teachers would be fierce. Fear that I would not know what to do, where to go, what was expected of me. Dadi and Mami accompanied me to school. They stayed the entire day in school......because I insisted they did so. As expected, I cried in school. However, as soon as I entered the school hall for my first assembly, I stopped. Dadi and Mami were relieved that I was doing fine in class.

I cried in school for the next two days of school. Ah Mah came on the 3rd day of school. She said that I did not cry as much as Kor Kor when he first entered Year 1. As least that was a relieve for Ah Mah. Ah Mah felt "heart sick" when she saw me in tears. She commented that perhaps I was too young for Year 1.

A month has passed. I am glad to say that I do enjoy school. I told Mami that I enjoyed school because I have a girlfriend in my class. She is pretty and lovely to me. My Kor Kor finds her pretty too :)

I guess the big boy school is not that bad after all. Everyone is happy that I fitted in well, with the exception of eating in school. Mami had to pack breakfast and lunch for me from home. I dislike the canteen food. So, more work for Mami and Ah Mah.

Dadi and Mami hope that year 2014 with mark the start of higher maturity level. They always find me immature like a baby. I need to prove them wrong.

I pray for God's favour to rest upon me in Year 2014.