Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Week of School Holidays

One week of school holiday has ended. It was not a very eventful holiday for my family. Dadi was away to Singapore and Dubai. He is still in Dubai and will be back only end of next week. Nevertheless, Kor Kor and I still had fun during the holidays.

At the beginning of the school holidays, we started a little home revision and music practices. We played lots of GiGo Cubes and made our own cars and robots.

On Friday morning, we had our cousins over to do some art and craft which Mami bought from Mr. DIY.

Wind Chimes made by Kor Kor and I

Wind Chimes made by
Ashley Cheh Cheh and Tobin Kor Kor

Finally, on Friday afternoon, we were invited by Kor Kor's classmate to her club to play. This is the second time we played in her club. There were 6 of us. Exactly three boys and three girls. We had lots of fun playing badminton, bowling and swimming. We ate in her club and only came home at 10:30 p.m. Kids and mummies had lots of fun and laughter.

I guess my school holiday just ended in a blink of an eye. Though I wished I had a longer school holiday, I was also looking forward to school. Why? It's actually a secret, but I can give you a hint. I miss my ****friend.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

One of My Favourite Past Time

This is what I love to do.....

Bonding Time with Kor Kor,
In front of the TV

Little Kitchen Helper

I am good at helping everyone in the kitchen. I love being praised for a good job done in the kitchen. Here are some photos to share with you.

Benjamin Kor Kor washed the dishes,
and I wiped them dry
Helping Ah Mah knead the dough to make
my favourite Roti Canai for breakfast
Trying the make biscuits

Removing Ginkgo shells