Sunday, January 29, 2012

Early Birthday Celebration in Ipoh

My birthday is the end of next month but there was an early birthday celebration in Ipoh. We celebration Yeh Yeh and Jared Kor Kor's birthdays at the same time. Their birthdays are both 4th February.

Mah Mah made this Birthday Cake

This was Yeh Yeh's birthday cake.
We were all taking the limelight of his birthday.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Swimming in Ipoh with my cousins

I love swimming. I played water with my cousins in Ipoh. It was fun.

We are 4 superheros, ready for our swimming

Getting the pool ready

I'm the first to try the pool

Water is COLD.....

Water fight

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I don't want to go to school

Today is another day that I cried, not wanting to go to school. I cried due to two reasons. The first reason was because I was still feeling tired, and I refused to go back to sleep. I woke up at 6:15 a.m., the same time as my Kor Kor. I refused to go back to sleep. Secondly, Mami told me that Uncle Tang is coming to fetch me back from school at the usual time. I didn't want Uncle to fetch me. I wanted Mami to fetch me home.

I kept telling Mami that I do not want to go anywhere today. I just want to stay at home.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

My lego creation

The following post was narrated by Shaun himself.

This is my house. My house is beautiful and I put shiny. And I put three policemen. My house is beautiful and Kakak make for me. That's all.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My first birthday invitation

This is my first birthday invitation from my classmate in Kindergarden. He sits next to me in class. I'm so excited because I'm going for the event tomorrow straight after school.

Please Kor Kor... can you do my homework for me?

I had colouring homework today. It is my first homework from my kindergarden.

I was very reluctant to do my homework. I complained... and complained.....and complained....

I managed to ask  Benjamin Kor Kor to do my colouring on behalf. While Kor Kor was colouring, I was busy playing with rulers.


Mami was really unhappy with me. Benjamin Kor Kor was so tired and he was waiting for his Mandarin tuition teacher to come. In the end, Mami insisted that Kor Kor only coloured half the picture. I was forced to colour the remaining.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

This is me with glasses

Come and see how I look like with glasses.

Eh... Why is Eunice Cheh Cheh behind me?

Monday, January 9, 2012

Yey... no homework for me

Everyday, Mami would ask me.... "Shaun Shaun, is there homework today?". I would just ignore her. Mami has to then check my school file to see if there is any. She has been disappointed all the time.

Mami is beginning to worry about me in the kindergarden. I am smart and have great potential. But I do not like to do written homework. I would normally resist if Mami gives me additional work to do at home. I would only agree if it was a colouring homework. So, given this kindergarden of mine, she is worried that I would continue to be lazy, with no competitive spirit to excel in school. We don't have any exams in the kindergarden.

Mami is beginning to question her choice of kindergarden. She is contemplating if she should switch me to the Chinese-based Kindergarden which Benjamin Kor Kor studied last year. It is more competitive and exam based. It has lots of homework and the standard of Chinese is much higher. Teachers are good as well. Mami is just indecisive because she is worried that it would be difficult for me to adapt when I go Primary One. This is because the kindergarden covers everything in Chinese, wherelse my Primary One school covers everything in BM. Would it be difficult for me to switch Maths and Science from Chinese to BM?

Mami will continue to pray about it and decide later. I certainly would prefer not to change kindergarden. I love my kindergarden. It would be a cultural shock for me to go to a Chinese-based kindergarden.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

My first day to Kindies

I will be turning 4 years old next month and I went back to the same kindergarden as last year. The school is no stranger to me, but I cried on my first day to school.

Mami was really busy on the 1st day school reopened. She went with Benjamin Kor Kor to school on his 1st day. During his assembly time, Mami rushed home to fetch me to my kindergarden.

I guess I cried for two reasons. The first was because Mami was not around to prepare me for kindergarden in the morning. When I woke up, I was looking for Mami all around the house, but she was no where to be found. I was forced to take my bath and eat cereal by Kakak. Suddenly, Mami came with her car and I was expected to just hop right into her car and off she drove to my kindergarden.

It was in the car that I told Mami "Mami, I want to miss you. I don't want to go to school. I love you Mami, I want to miss you all the time". Mami explained to me that every child must go to school. I started crying then.

When I arrived, I went down obediently from the car. Still in tears, but much lesser. I am normally not very "long-winded" in crying. Within 5 minutes in the kindergarden, I started playing with my friends and I was back to my normal self.

Mami did not come to fetch me home. Dadi came because Mami was in Benjamin's school. Mami had to help Kor Kor find the aunty who is supposed to fetch Kor Kor back from school everyday. My kindergarden and Kor Kor's school end about the same time.

I cried again looking for Mami. I kept asking where Mami was and why Mami didn't come and fetch me. I was quite upset. Dadi promised me that Mami would be fetching me home the next day.

Ah Mah was at home to prepare me for my afternoon nap. I am not used to having Ah Mah putting me to sleep. It has always been Mami, Mami and Mami. In bed, I kept telling Ah Mah "You know..... I miss Mami you know. I want to miss Mami you know...". Eventually I slept. When I woke up from my nap, I saw Mami. I ran to her and hugged her. I asked her "Why Mami never fetch Shaun Shaun. You must fetch Shaun Shaun....". Mami hugged me and I was happy.

My first day of school was ok. I guess it helps with familiar environment, familiar teachers and familiar friends.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Viva Home

It's still a holiday today. Thank God there is no school because I certainly dislike school. I just love to "Kai-Kai".

We went to Viva Home today. It is our 2nd time to this shopping mall and is certainly not my favourite place to go. It is a place more suited if you want to buy household materials and things. Dadi and Mami wanted to go there just to buy new lights for our living room.

The mall is spacious and we were surprised to see the Christmas decorations still up. I thought Christmas was already over. Since Mami had her camera, we decided to take some pictures and guess who I was posing as?

It's me as Tinkerbell!

We walked quite a fair bit to look for lights. This is me in the Lighting shop. I was doing a little "dance" with my hankerchief. I just can't stay still wherever I am.

Do you want to see a video of my "hankerchief dance"?

We had lunch at Viva Home at Steam Room. The food is not too bad.

There was a Play Land at Viva Home at Level 3. No entrance fees, but we didn't have our socks with us. So, Mami promised us that we will play the next round we are there. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I love magic pens

I prefer to use magic pens than colouring pencils. I know that I need to use colouring pencils to colour pictures. I would use magic pens to write or draw.

I do not know how to draw many things, but I do like to write the same words over and over again with different colours. Sometimes I may not know how to spell some words. So, if you are guiding me in spelling them, be sure you do it correctly and carefully. If you tell me the wrong alphabet resulting in me writing it wrongly, I would be very frustrated because do not allow any mistakes. I would take another piece of paper and rewrite the whole thing. Mami would always complain that I'm wasting alot of papers.

I spelt everything on my own.

The names of my loved ones

I drew all this on my own. Mami helped me with the spelling "Baby"

Monkey Bars

Dadi and Mami have been taking me to the park lately, mainly to teach kor kor to cycle and for me to cycle and exercise at the same time... Ah Mah is complaining that I am too fat :(

Anyways, there are monkey bars in the playground and I like to swing on them... However Mami and Dadi says I am causing them heart attack, because I will totally ignore all safety rules.  I will just climb up the short stairs and start on the monkey bars even though I can barely reach the bars.  Mami and Dadi will have to run after me and catch me before I jump off the stairs and onto the Monkey bars... all very dramatic, but extremely fun for me... kek kek kek....

Dadi and Mami must be really exhausted taking care of me.

And Happy New Year to everyone. I don't quite understand what it means,  but I have been asked by Dadi and Mami to greet anyone I see in church "Happy New Year".