Monday, July 29, 2013

"Kor Kor, You Must Play With Me"

I love to play with my Kor Kor. I am certainly the more aggressive and demanding one during playtime and this turns Kor Kor off sometimes.

Yesterday, Kor Kor was with Mami using with ipad to look for some information for school homework. I was feeling bored and asked Kor Kor to play with me. I told him that it is a MUST to play with me. Kor Kor felt a little irritated. He then said "Shaun, play by yourself. Last time before you were born, Kor Kor played by myself too. If I can play by myself, why can't you do the same"?

As usual, I ignored what Kor Kor said and continued to bug him. Eventually he gave in.

Monday, July 8, 2013

I Miss You note

I made this "I Miss You" note for Mami recently. I stuck this next to our entrance door for Mami to read everytime she goes out from the house.

The note says:

dear mummy
I miss you so much when you are away.
I love you when you are my mummy.
From Shaun

Progress Report for Mid Term 2013

Mami went to my preschool to collect my progress report a week ago. She was pleased to hear that I was doing well in my preschool. Below is the report written by my class teacher.

Thank God for helping me in my preschool. It is certainly not easy to fit into a class with students a year older than me. Typically I am "kiasu" and it is difficult to compete in such an environment.

I am entering Primary One next year. Mami will start me on serious revision at home by the next school holiday to prepare me. I certainly do not look forward to the coming August school holidays.