Monday, September 14, 2015

40 days Prayer and Fasting by NECF

We received the 40-days Prayer and Fasting Children's edition from church. Mami encouraged us to participate in the 40 days prayer and fasting for the love of our nation.

We have been going through this book. Everyday, we would pray for a particular Ministry or State in Malaysia. Generally, it is to pray for our country, Malaysia. We also took up the challenge to fast. Ben Ben Kor Kor and I did not agree to fast our meals. Food is just too important for us. We cannot sacrifice our food. However, after much negotiation, we agreed to fast supper. We are not allowed to eat after 8:15 p.m. at night during the 40 days period. We also agreed to fast IPAD. No playing games or internet. We only use the IPAD if we need to do research for school purposes.

Today is 15th September. Yeay!!! Am so happy. My fasting will be over soon. It has been so difficult for me to fast. Takes lots of discipline from me.