Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"I Love You" Boy

Before I move to my new post, I would like to comment on my previous post "Will Mami Succeed?" and YES. I did complete a few pages of the Maths and Science workbooks which she bought for me. I did the pages all by myself.

OK...... moving on with my new post.

Mami wants to call me "I LOVE YOU BOY". Mami has a difficult time to discipline me. Everytime when she sounds at me, I would normally react with a "I love you, Mami". I would come in a "manja" manner to Mami, hug her and immediately say "I love you, Mami". If Mami scolds me, I would say "I already say I love you, what?" I would then repeatly rub my face against Mami's face or hand and say that I love her.

Although Mami likes me loving her, but she does not know how to react to my "I love you" when she is disciplining me. She feels that I would conveniently use this manner to escape from punishment.

But I really love Mami.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Will Mami succeed?

My Kor Kor's primary school will be changing their syllabus from National to Cambridge Syllabus. New students in year 2013 will have to start the Cambridge Syllabus. This would mean that I would also have to study Cambridge Syllabus if I were to attend Kor Kor's primary school in the future.

I am 4 years old and I should only enter Primary One in year 2015. However, Mami wants to try to send me for an evaluation to enter Primary One in year 2014. This is also dependent on the school if they are willing to accept 6 years old to enter Primary One. How would this impact me now?

Well, for a start, I know that Mami would be more serious in forcing me to study at home. It would mean that I would only have year 2013 to complete my preschool. It would also mean that I would have to be super duper serious in my studies next year. Mami would also have to evaluate if I need to switch to another kindergarden next year.

Mami has purchased a few books for me to do from MPH Bookstore. Do you think Mami will be able to succeed in getting me to do the workbooks? It would certainly be a challenge. Mami told me that she will take this week to plan and will start on my studying routine next week.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

4 years and 2 months

Hello, my name is Shaun

Me and my favourite toy....
My Silver Sulfer from the SuperHero Squad.
We are both wearing grey t-shirts, Yeay!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's great being a 4 years old

It is certainly great being a 4 years old. You get to pretend to be a big boy or a small boy to change a situation around. When there are things for a big boy, all I need to say is "Mami, Shaun Shaun is a big boy already. I want to do this on my own". Or when I want to escape from something, I would say "Mami, Shaun Shaun is still a small boy. Small boy cannot do this one".

Mami was trying to wean me off baby bottle, and I told Mami that I am still like a baby. I need to drink from my baby bottle.

My Kor Kor wanted to play a toy and I told him "Kor Kor, this is a baby toy. Big boy cannot play with this one".

Most of the time I would also try my luck on homework. I would tell Mami that small boy cannot do so much homework.

Isn't it great being a 4 years old?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

SuperHero Squad Collection

Come see my Superhero Squad Collection. I love these and I play them all day and night.