Sunday, February 26, 2012

Versa Tiles from Voila

When Benjamin Kor Kor was young, Mami bought quite a number of Voila Toys. There are all good quality wooden toys originated from Thailand. They have quite a good selection of educational wooden toys for young toddlers.

Out of all the wooden toys that he had, I enjoy this the most. It's called Versa Tiles. You can see it in the here:

It is a set of colourful 28 blocks. It has a quite a number of cardboard patterns and you need to place the blocks based on the colour and pattern in the cardboard. As you progress higher, there would be frames which you need to use the blocks to fill in the picture. It is not very easy. I would only know how to put the blocks based on the colour and pattern given.

This is how you place the blocks on the cardboard provided.
You would just need to match the shape and colour.
This is how it looks like after you have placed all the boards in the base.

There are other cardboards like this.
You need to place the blocks in the outline to
form the picture. It's not easy for me.

The answers are provided here to show which
shape of block you need to use to form the picture.
There are about 9 or 10 cardboards, each double sided.
So, lots of pictures to do.


Little Kit Boy said...

Intereting game and very educational too. Besides, it can also improves one's eyes-and-hands coordination. And creativity too, as you can come out with your own design using those colour blocks without following those boards.

ChloeRuoyi said...

We love this kind of challenging toys too and bought many simialr sets for Chloe (those cheap-cheap made in China ones but of reasonably good quality).