Sunday, February 26, 2012

My 4th Birthday Celebration

Thank God I was well on Friday to celebrate my 4th birthday in school. My actual birthday was on Saturday. So, it was an early celebration for me.

Dadi took half day leave on Friday. So, I had Dadi, Mami and Ah Mah coming to my school with a big birthday cake. I initially wanted a picture of a Green Transformer on my cake. Mami said that the cake shop couldn't do a Green Transformer. So, she said that they made a special Green Buzz Lightyear "Transformer" cake. My favourite colour is green and Mami had to say the word "Transformer" for me to agree with the picture on the cake. It did look like a Transformer to me.

My Green Transformer Buzz Lightyear Cake

My birthday celebration was during our break time. Dadi bought Vitagens and M&M chocolates for my friends to eat with my birthday cake. It was yummy yum yum.

What did I give to my friends as a party pack? Mami bought the Little Miss series from BookAccess.

My gift to my friends

These are the boys from my class.

My family

Eating time

Eating my birthday cake

Oranges served by my school
I enjoyed my birthday celebration with my friends. I was really happy to have my family members with me too.

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