Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Common question on every school day

I wish I didn't need to go to school. I wake up very early every morning. The earliest would be at 6:30 a.m. when my Kor Kor wakes up for school. Most of the time, I am awake latest by 6:45 a.m.

I am eager to wake up, but not eager to go to school. I would wake up on my own, go downstairs and there I will see my Kor Kor eating his cereal at the dining table, with Mami beside him. Once I am downstairs, I would normally give Mami a hug, and will head to the living room sofa to wait for my milk. I would drink my milk while watching the TV. I know it's a habit which is not good, but I love to watch TV.

Mami goes out with Kor Kor once he is ready. Kor Kor is always ready very early. I would take my own sweet time to drink my milk. My Kakak will then feed me cereal once Mami and Kor Kor have left for school.

Every morning when Mami fetches me to school, I would ask Mami the same question over and over again "Mami will fetch me to school and Uncle Van will fetch me home, issit?" I would always ask this question to get the assurance that I will be back early. The reason is because previously when Mami was working, I had to stay in the school for daycare. I had to take a nap in school. I would want Mami to assure me that I would come back after my Mandarin lessons in school.

I am happy that Mami is no longer working. I dislike sleeping in school. I would always tell Mami that I misses her. I am always good at winning Mami's heart :)

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