Wednesday, February 22, 2012

High Fever

I gave Dadi and Mami a scare last night.

I vomitted while I was sleeping and I started crying at 1 a.m. My cry woke Benjamin Kor Kor. Kor Kor then woke Dadi. Dadi came into our room and saw that I had already vomitted on the bed. Dadi then woke Mami. Mami came and cleaned me, while Dadi took out my pillow case and bedsheet.

I went to Dadi and Mami's room to sleep. When I was sleeping, they were surprised that my temperature had shot up to 39.3 Celsius. I gave Dadi and Mami a sleepless night due to my fever.

Mami told me this morning that I should be grateful to Dadi. He kept waking up to check on my fever last night. She said that Dadi loved me very much. I replied "I didn't love Dadi, what? I didn't love Dadi because he is dirty".  Mami kept correcting me and said that I needed to love Dadi. Mami is still very puzzled why I would always claim that Dadi is dirty. I would normally push Dadi away saying that he is dirty.

I am on an antibiotic now and am at home to rest. Tomorrow is a day before my birthday. Mami assured me that she would still bring me to school to celebrate my birthday with all my friends.


William said...


Little Kit Boy said...

oh...I hope little Shaun is recovered by now.

Also would like to wish him a Happy Belated Birthday.

Ben and Shaun said...

Thank you. Praise God that he did not have anymore fever the next day. He managed to celebrate his birthday in school.