Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My colouring adventure

Dadi and Mami came back from the morning market with a Sponge Bob colouring & sticker book. I was really happy. Come and have a look at my beautiful book.

Then another surprise came with the book. It seems that Dadi received this sticker free. It's Transformer stickers. It really made me all excited to start my colouring adventure.

But I realised something was wrong. The Sponge Bob book came with colouring pages and stickers within the book. But my Transformers only came with the stickers. There were no colouring pages for me to use my stickers.

So, poor Mami......had to draw a transformer on an artblock and I then started my colouring activity.

I completed my "rainbow" coloured transformer and took a transformer sticker to paste it next to my picture. My sticker represents the completion of my beautiful colouring activity.

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