Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Why do I have to do Mami's homework?

Whenever Benjamin Kor Kor does his revision at home, Mami would ask me to come over to the table and do some exercises. My first response would me... "OK, Mami. I'll do some colouring first". Obediently, I would take my colouring books and do some colouring.

At each colouring pages, there would be words that are printed. Mami would request me to read them out loud for her. It's easy as I can already read very well. Once I'm done, I'll get a sticker to stick at the completed page.

Mami would not let me go away easily. She is fast in catching me and ensuring that I do some exercises. I would reluctantly do it and complain along the way. Nevertheless, I'll still complete them but I would insist to only complete a few pages. Here are some exercises I did yesterday....

To make it all worst, my Benjamin Kor Kor prepared some questions for me in an exercise book. I immediately ran away from the table and said that I'll complete them tomorrow. It's tomorrow's homework, not today.

Bye Bye! No homework for now....

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